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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Detroit Deisel still make marine engines?

Of the five million Detroit Diesel engines produced since 1938, it’s estimated one million are still in service. Detroit Diesel marine engines include both 2- and 4-cycle engines with inline and V-block configurations as well as naturally aspirated and turbocharged air intake systems. What do trucks have Detroit Diesel engines?

Do all diesel trucks plug in?

The answer is no. Generally, It is believed that diesel engines do not have spark plugs, but some of them do. Some agricultural diesel tractors use a variety of fuel types. A good example is Allis-Chalmers’ heavy-duty engine. This heavy-duty engine uses gasoline, diesel fuel, or liquefied propane gas.

Is diesel oil and diesel the same?

Diesel and fuel oil have, essentially, the same hydrocarbon makeup. Both are composed primarily of saturated hydrocarbons. “Petroleum-derived diesel is composed of about 75% saturated hydrocarbons (primarily paraffins including n , iso , and cycloparaffins ), and 25% aromatic hydrocarbons (including naphthalenes and alkylbenzenes ).[53]

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