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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take a road skills test in New Orleans?

Road skills tests are not administered at the New Orleans East OMV field office. Customers can visit a driving school to take a road skills test. A list of driving school locations can be found here. Knowledge Testing is not available at this OMV office. Please contact an alternate OMV office to schedule an appointment at that location.

Do you need a license to operate a motorcycle in Louisiana?

A separate license to operate a motorcycle is not issued in Louisiana. Once an applicant proves ... How do I change the name on my driver's license? The Office of Motor Vehicles has on-line verification with the Social Security Administration ... Can I renew my driver's license/ID card if I am "temporarily" out of state/country?

How do I get an official driving record in Louisiana?

You must contact the court indicated on the ticket pay your fine. The State of Louisiana does not... How do I obtain an Official Driving Record? An Official Driving Record (ODR) can be purchased online or through the mail. To purchase an ...

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