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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the molecular structure of DNA?

The molecular structure of DNA 1 The four nucleotide monomers are distinguished by their bases. ... 2 Phosphodiester bonds in DNA polymers connect the 5’ carbon of one nucleotide to the 3’ carbon of another nucleotide. ... 3 Chromosomes are made of two DNA polymers that stick together via non-covalent hydrogen bonds. ...

What are the individual units of DNA?

These are the individual units of DNA and they are made of: There are four types of nitrogen-containing regions called bases, including: The order of these four bases forms the genetic code, which is the instructions for life. The bases of the two strands of DNA are stuck together to create a ladder-like shape.

Why is DNA the universal information-storage molecule for all forms of life?

The match between DNA structure and the activities of these enzymes is so effective and well-refined that DNA has become, over evolutionary time, the universal information-storage molecule for all forms of life. Nature has yet to find a better solution than DNA for storing, expressing, and passing along instructions for making proteins.

What is the coiled state of DNA?

Strands of DNA are looped, coiled and wrapped around proteins called histones. In this coiled state, it is called chromatin. Chromatin is further condensed, through a process called supercoiling,...

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