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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to find a dog groomer near me?

So if you’re trying to find “affordable dog groomers near me” here is a list of some of the best pet salons you can count on to give your dog one of the best spa days he/she’s ever had. Rover offers affordable mobile dog grooming services you should check out. Bark can also help you find professional dog groomers near you.

What are the best dog grooming services near me?

Rejoyce Mobile Pet Grooming is one of the best dog groomers near me. With 17 years of experience in dog grooming, they can help your puppy with grooming, bathing, and ear cleaning. So visit their profile to get contact information and book your appointment.

What do I need to know before choosing a dog groomer?

Before choosing a suitable pet groomer for you and your pet, consider some or all of these factors. They include: Experience – different breeds of dogs or cats have different grooming needs. So, when picking a pet groomer, make sure to ask what kinds of breeds they work with most.

How much does it cost to get a dog groomed?

Pet owners can expect dog grooming prices to average $40 for a small dog and up to $75 for larger dogs. The average dog grooming cost at a local groomer will run between $40 and $75 based on the dog size.

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