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Frequently Asked Questions

How many CFW are there on PS3?

HomeResources>PlayStation 3 (PS3)> CFW Custom Firmware (CFW) Categories PlayStation 1 (PS1)26 PlayStation 2 (PS2)238 PlayStation 3 (PS3)197 Tools47 CFW10 Homebrew Apps22

Is it safe to use CFW on PSN?

In this kind of setup, when on OFW, there is no trace of CFW usage, it's the safest possible way to use PSN, game online, still enjoy CFW on a PS3 console & keep customisations safe as there is no need for PUP installation.

What is evilnat CFW?

Evilnat CFW is a Custom firmware for your PS3. It adds customization features to your hacked console. A CFW adds multiple features for tinkerers, in addition to what a HEN provides. In particular, Evilnat CFW includes the Cobra tool, which allow the following: ISOs can be split and still mounted, to bypass FAT32 4GB file limit on USB

What are some of the best custom firmware for the CFW?

PS34.84 Custom Firmware (CEX/DEX/REX/noBD/Dualboot) REBUG / Starbuged / FERROX / OVERFLOW / Littlebalup are some of the favors of 4.84 CFW - by STLcardsWS

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