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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Drizabone dog coat?

Driza-Bone Oilskin dog coat. Dogs of all sizes can now be fitted out and enjoy the same weather protection and great Aussie style as their Drizabone owners. Made from Drizabone oilskin tough and durable. The Driza-Bone dog coats are available with cotton or wool lining. Keep your dog warm and dry with the Driza-Bone oilskin dog coat.

What is a Driza-Bone coat?

Driza-Bone now manufactures fashionable coats in Fortress fabric, a lightweight, highly breathable, hand washable, non-oily, 100% cotton that is highly weatherproof for city slickers that want the Driza-Bone fashion without the oilskin fabric. Fortress fabric allows perspiration vapour to pass through away from your body.

Where are Driza-Bone riding coats made?

We are pleased to offer the Driza-Bone Riding Coats, made in Australia from Heavyweight 100% cotton cloth woven in India and proofed in Australia. The Driza-Bone Classic Long Coat has all the traditional features of the Australian riding coat, made from the best quality heavyweight British waxed cotton.

How do you reproof a Driza-Bone dress?

Rinse off dirt with cool water, or lightly brush off dry dirt. Rewax occasionally with reproofing compound such as the Driza-Bone Garment Dressing all over every year or two, more frequently on areas of wear, such as cuffs or sleeves. For more information …

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