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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sydney Sweeney in euphoria?

Sydney Sweeney is in HBO’s new teen drama Euphoria. She plays Cassie Howard, best friend of Maddy and sister of Lexie. In season 2, Cassie embarks on a problematic romance with Maddy's ex-boyfriend Nate Jacobs, putting her at odds with her best friend. She will be returning in season 3. [Photo via HBO] 10.

Did Sydney Sweeney play Olivia Mossbacher in Season 1?

Sydney Sweeney played the role of Olivia Mossbacher in season 1 of HBO’s The White Lotus. Olivia is the daughter of Nicole and Mark Mossbacher who brings her friend Paula along on the family trip. The series has been renewed for a second season with an all new cast, but characters from season 1 could return.

How much did Sydney Sweeney shell out for her first home?

Sydney Sweeney shells out $3 million for her first home. Made up of five bedrooms and four bathrooms, the Tudor traditional-style home was built in 1933 and was pegged as a “rare offering” Situated atop the hillside, photos show an outdoor brick fireplace and a front porch with view of the golf course, the previous listing notes.

Is 'Euphoria' star Barbarella excited to serve all the fits?

“I’m really excited to serve all the fits,” the “Euphoria” star said excitedly, referring to Barbarella’s skimpy costumes. “But also, just it’s such an iconic, fun character. And I want to keep that fun alive through Barbarella. So, I’m excited for everyone to see it.”

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