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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use "expressly" in a sentence?

specifically; clearly Examples of Expressly in a sentence The regulations for entry are expressly and clearly stated in the rulebook. Although the contract expressly states that there is a penalty for moving out early, the renter claims not to know about the fine.

How to use "exceptionally" in a sentence?

How To Use Exceptionally In A Sentence? One has to remember in this connection the exceptionally severe censorship of the stage. I find the whole world beautiful; but the surroundings here are exceptionally so. This is an exceptionally fine trip, and if horses are used it is not difficult.

How to use "seemliness" in a sentence?

Sentence Examples It must be conducted in a seemly way and, so far as I am concerned, it has been. There was an epidemic when I was at university and as I think about it, the young folk still seem to indulge more than is seemly if you ask me.

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