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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of an exemplification paragraph?

The topic sentence of an exemplification paragraph makes a statement. For instance‚ "Drinking water is good for your health." This statement could be considered a matter of fact or a matter of opinion. Convincing examples will make it a matter of fact. 2 Provide examples to back up your statement. Premium Sentence , Word , Cactus 312 Words ...

What is the meaning of exemplification?

Exemplification means using examples to explain, convince, or amuse. What does exemplification mean? the act of exemplifying. something that exemplifies; an illustration or example. Law. an attested copy of a document, under official seal. What are the types of exemplification?

What does exemplipicaton meanmean?

• Exemplification shows, proves, or explains a general idea or point by using examples. • Classification refers to sorting or arranging subjects into groups or categories according to their common or shared characteristic.

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