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Frequently Asked Questions

What is explorer patcher for Windows 11?

Explorer Patcher for Windows 11 is not exactly an application, but rather a DLL file that aims to restore the classic functionality of the new operating system. The patcher has been tested for the latest stable version of Windows 11, but it may work on other builds as well. Place it in the C:Windows folder to enable the old functionality

What is explorerpatcher and how to use it?

ExplorerPatcher is a popular Windows UI customization software developed by our friend “Valinet”. This small tool can be used to enhance the UI of Windows 10 and Windows 11. If you don’t like the default look-n-feel of Windows Taskbar, File Explorer, Start Menu and other UI elements, you can customize them using this free tool.

How do I install explorerpatcher?

After the file has been downloaded, scan it with your antivirus software if you are concerned. Double-click the ep_setup.exe file to begin the installation, which should only take a few seconds. As soon as you install ExplorerPatcher, the Taskbar will automatically change to look more like Windows 10.

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