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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Flexible mouldings?

Our Flexible Mouldings are ideal for arched windows, staircases, and curved walls. This polyurethane material cuts, nails, and paints just like wood. WE STOCK POPULAR PROFILES!

What are flexible half round moldings used for?

Our FLEXIBLE HALF ROUND MOLDINGS can be used for nosing on curved counter surfaces, columns wraps, curved staircases, and many more applications! Learn more! Our fllexible Jamb/Flat Stock boards can be used for arched casings, curved base boards, curved extension, window and arched jambs, window stop and more.

What is flexible base cap molding used for?

Our FLEXIBLE BASE CAP MOLDINGS can be used for curved stairwells, curved walls, boxes on curved walls, and many more applications. Learn more! Our FLEXIBLE BASE SHOE molding is commonly used around curved stairs and curved walls at the bottom of flex base board moldings. Learn more!

Why do I need a template for my arches?

Elliptical and oval arches require templates to make the flexible moldings fit properly. Download our easy-to-use arched templates. Duraflex is moisture and insect-proof polyurethane resin material that will withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures without warping, cracking, or deteriorating.

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