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Frequently Asked Questions

What is causing current floods in Kerala?

What are the causes of Kerala flood? It is caused by a change of wind patterns over the region, this change causes heavy rains in the summer and long dry spells over the other months. In India, the monsoon rains can provide 70% of the country's rainfall for the year.

Which district of Kerala is affected by floods?

The question can be corrected by replacing with districts.Because many districts are affected by flood in kerala mostly idukki,ernakulam,pathanamthitta,vayanad,palakad,kottayam…. Only Idukki and Wayanad affected by floods due to release of water from the Dams.

Why does Kerala have flooded?

climate change which caused this flood. More than 350 people died and more than a million have evacuated over 4000 relief camps. Summary on 2018 and 2019 FLOODS Heavy down pouring in Kerala during August and September in 2018 & 2019 have a widespread effect in socio economic lively hood of the people in Kerala. If

What caused the Red Rain of Kerala?

The red rain and other associated phenomena witnessed in Kerala in 2001 were caused by emission particles from Mayon volcano. Other volcanoes in the ‘ring of fire’ also contributed fine dust for the red rain. If the biotic cells have any role at all; it is limited to enhancing the colour of rain water.

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