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Frequently Asked Questions

How to locate my flood zone?

Check FEMA’s flood map to find out if your house is in a flood zone To start, visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Map Service Center, a tool that displays information such as flood zones, floodways, and your home’s risk level. Type in a property’s address, and a map showing its flood zone will appear.

How do I find flood zone information?

How do I find my flood zone? Check the FEMA flood map. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, has a tool that makes it easy to see if your address is in a flood zone. The Flood Map Service Center shows information like flood zones, floodways, and your home’s risk level.

What are "flood zones" and what do they mean?

Flood zones are geographic areas that the FEMA has defined according to varying levels of flood risk . These zones are depicted on a community's Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) or Flood Hazard Boundary Map. Each zone reflects the severity or type of flooding in the area.

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