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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Benjamin Franklin plumbing?

With the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing team, you get the best of both worlds—local licensed plumbers backed by a trusted national service. Because all of our locations are independently owned and operated, we live and work in the communities we serve.

Does Benjamin Franklin plumbing have inline drain cameras?

Allow Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to use state-of-the-art inline drain cameras to view and record your drain problems with roots. The temperature of my hot water seems to be higher than what I think it needs to be. The new standard temperature that manufacturers use when pre-setting your hot water heater at the factory is typically 120°F.

Why should you choose Franklins European bathrooms?

It’s in our blood, which is why we continue to import the best of Europe’s bathroom products to bring them to our Kiwi customers. We offer the accountability and integrity that every solid family business prides itself on. For long lasting and beautiful bathrooms that will make an impression, speak to Franklins European Bathrooms.

Why should you choose Franklins?

At Franklins, we want to enable projects to have the best quality and the latest technology. We are proud to partner with companies from around the world who continually strive to produce the best products for your bathroom. Our brand partners are reliable and reputable; many of them improving on what they do for over 100 years now.

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