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Frequently Asked Questions

How is grade of service calculated?

If the Grade of Service is calculated based on the number of calls rejected by the final circuit group, then the Grade of Service is determined by the final circuit group blocking criteria. If the Grade of Service is calculated based on the number of rejected calls between exchanges,...

What is grade of service in transportation?

Grade of service. This is always with reference to the busy hour when the traffic intensity is the greatest. Grade of service may be viewed independently from the perspective of incoming versus outgoing calls, and is not necessarily equal in each direction or between different source-destination pairs.

What is CMP Garand grade?

CMP GARAND GRADING CRITERIA 1 RACK GRADE: (Fair) Rack Grade Rifles. ... 2 FIELD GRADE: (Fair to Good) Field Grade Rifles. ... 3 SERVICE GRADE: (Good to Very Good) Service Grade Rifles show less wear and better appearance than Field or Rack Grades. ... 4 CMP SPECIAL: (Excellent) CMP’s new grade of M1 Garand. ... More items...

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