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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a pet groomer near me?

You can find local options by searching for something such as “places that groom cats near me”, “cat groomers around me” or if you’d prefer a groomer that caters to only cats, try “cat only grooming near me”. You will find groomers in some of the bigger pet stores, and you’ll also discover many smaller one or two person shops.

How much does it cost to get a pet groomed?

The price of dog grooming starts around $40 for a full grooming service for a small dog, and around $75 for a large dog. If you have more than one, prices can be significantly lower for the second and third dog.

What are some good grooming tips?

Here's a few examples of when you should tip the groomer extra: If your dog bites or scratches the groomer. Tipping big will help here. If your dog was extremely dirty and gross — especially with dog poo or mud matted to their hinds. If your dog had extreme matting or shedding — this creates extra work for your groomer.

What are the best pet grooming services in Miami?

Super Star Mobile Grooming 11. Shine And Bright Mobile Grooming, Corp 12. Palmetto Pet Grooming Inc 13. Amore Pet Grooming Inc. 14. Biyu 15. Fancy Grooming 16. All Paws Pet Grooming Inc. 17. Miami Grooming and Boarding Services 18. Luxe Pet Grooming Inc 19. Purrrfect Paws 20. Miami Dogs Grooming 21.

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