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Frequently Asked Questions

What's going on in Guam?

The Republic of Korea navy cruise training task group arrived on Guam Sunday, with midshipmen planning to spend four days on island. Motorists are a step closer to seeing six more months of the gas tax suspension that dropped the price of a regular grade fuel by 19 cents thi…

What is the purpose of a calendar in Guam?

A calendar can be used to set reminders or to plan a day, week, month, even a year – but for Guam’s youth it can also serve as a place-based l… Read more SIGN OF THE TIMES: A worker installs the "Village of Donki" sign on the side of the future department store in Tamuning, still under construct… Read more

Could 3D printing be the future of Guam?

A new developing industry known as 3D printing could become the future in Guam if a feasibility study demonstrates the island could benefit from it. Read more Over the last few days, Guam has experienced high winds, rain, lightning and even thunder. But none of the conditions residents have seen rece… Read more

What's happening at the Guam national wildlife refuge at Ritidian?

Officials at the Guam National Wildlife Refuge at Ritidian are getting ready to pack up and relocate their facilities within the refuge, a large portion of which falls inside the surface danger zone for the military’s nearby live-fire training range complex.

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