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Frequently Asked Questions

What does GPA do for Guam?

GPA is using renewable technology and techniques to generate significant of our island’s energy needs. Right now both solar and wind power contribute to the power we generate and deliver to your home. This means a brighter future for Guam.

How much electricity does Guam use?

Residential households accounted for almost one-third of the island's electricity use, the U.S. military accounted for one-fifth, and the Guam government consumed just over one-tenth. 50 The utility offers net metering and pays its customers for surplus power they generate from small-scale solar, wind, and other renewable generation installations.

What is Guam's New 180-megawatt power plant?

The new 180-megawatt power plant is crucial for Guam’s sustainable energy requirements. The $400 million investment will be located in Dededo. Replaces the two power Cabras plants left inoperable by the explosion and fire of August 2015. Allows for retirement of Cabras 1 and Cabras 2 plants.

How can I save energy in Guam?

Here you will find ways to save energy. GPA wants to help: Keep your home cool and lower your energy consumption. Decrease Guam’s use of fossil fuels, reduce pollution, and protect our natural resources. Keep more money on island to help our local economy.

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