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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent or buy a home on Guam?

We offer, free of charge, real estate services for those seeking to rent or buy a new home on Guam. The cost of living on Guam can be quite high, and the Department of Defense takes this into account for those who elect to live off base. Buyers should get pre–qualified for their home loan to determine how much they can reasonably afford.

How Troy can help you with Guam's real estate market?

If you are a real estate investor, then you consider trust, knowledge of Guam’s real estate markets and experience working with investors highly important. Well, Troy has all 3 attributes and works with real estate investors both foreign and domestic.

How has Guam changed since you arrived?

After arriving on Guam from Baltimore, Md. in 1986, Troy has witnessed the tremendous change and growth Guam has experienced since then. From new roads and other infrastructure being built, to new communities being created, and consequently the rapid expansion of Guam’s economy. He has participated and grown along with it.

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