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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gunns 20?

Gunns claims that the defendants have sullied its reputation and caused it to lose jobs and profits. The defendants claim that they are protecting the environment. The defendants have become collectively known as the "Gunns 20".

Why shop at Gunn?

At Gunn we offer our very best price upfront without the haggling and back and forth you may have come to expect. However, online competition sometimes demands that we don't post our lowest prices. That's why it's important to let us know you're shopping. Then we will contact you immediately and provide you our very best price right away. Real.

Why choose Gunn auto?

During these challenging times your vehicle should be the least of your worries. That's why Gunn Auto is here and committed to helping you in any way we can. Whether you simply have questions, wish to 'Test Drive @Home', or want to complete the entire purchase @Home - Gunn makes it Real. Simple.

Is Gunns still in business?

In November 2011, the Gunns Mitre 10 stores were re-branded as Beck's Home Timber and Hardware, after being sold to Danks Brothers Hardware Group, a subsidiary of Woolworths Limited. Gunns was placed into voluntary administration on 25 September 2012, and later liquidated, after it was unable to raise further capital or restructure the business.

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