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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to write a headline?

To write a how-to headline, writers start with the phrase "how to," followed by the action they want their readers to learn. It also helps highlight why that particular article might benefit them.

What does Headline do?

A headline is text above an article that summarizes its overall content. Its purpose is to quickly capture the attention of readers. Because headlines are titles that appear before an article, they are often the deciding factor regarding whether a reader clicks on an article and, therefore, are most enticing when they're persuasive.

What are some examples of headlines?

In contrast, a resume profile often includes a few sentences and focuses more on your skills, personality traits and experience. Here are two examples to show the difference: Resume headline: Detail-Oriented Accountant with 10 Years Experience Resume profile: Detail-oriented accountant with 10 years of experience working for small businesses.

How do headlines affect news stories?

In an article, the headline is what you use to introduce the topic and get people to read more. It’s what captures people’s attention and encourages them to stick around. A good headline will also sum up the main point of the article, helping readers decide if they want to read it or not.

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