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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best grader blades?

Designed for moving topsoil, gravel, snow, and other materials, grader blades from Agri Supply® are the best choice. With swing and tilt options, many of our 3 point grader blades are adjustable to meet your requirements. Whether you are ditching or using a rear blade for construction or maintenance, we offer tractor blades in various widths.

What is the best rear blade for a tractor?

For Tractors Up To 80 HP For your toughest jobs you need a rear blade that can stand up to the task, so when you need to scrape dirt, roads, ditches, snow, or livestock pens, you should look to the King Kutter Heavy Duty Rear Blade for all your scraping tasks.

What are the best box blades for leveling and grading?

The perfect option for leveling or grading around the farm or when landscaping is the Rhino MBX Series. These Medium Duty Box Blades offer Rhino durability and strength with their heat-treated scarifier tips, replaceable cutting edges, and heavy-duty triple strap hitches. Industry-leading toughness.

Do I need a box blade for my Tractor?

To those who know a lot about tractors and attachments, the need for a properly designed and matched box blade is a no brainer because it is one of the most versatile attachments you can hook to a tractor.

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