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Frequently Asked Questions

What does HGB stand for in blood test?

Hemoglobin concentration (Hgb) is reported as grams of hemoglobin per deciliter of blood (g/dL) and is measured after lysing the red blood cells in vitro.

What does a high hemoglobin count mean?

Definition. A high hemoglobin count is somewhat different from a high red blood cell count, because each cell may not have the same amount of hemoglobin proteins. Therefore, you could have a high hemoglobin count even if your red blood cell count falls within the normal range. The threshold for a high hemoglobin count is slightly different...

What is the concentration of hemoglobin in red blood cells?

Since red blood cells are approximately 33% hemoglobin, the hemoglobin concentration of whole blood normally is about one third of the HCT (i.e., the mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration or MCHC is 33%). This is species dependent, because camelids have more hemoglobin in their red blood cells (MCHC of 45%).

What is a a hemoglobin test?

A hemoglobin test measures the levels of hemoglobin in your blood. This blood test is usually done as part of a complete blood count test which checks your red blood cell (RBC) indices. Testing for levels of hemoglobin is usually done if a person shows signs of anemia.

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