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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the original Herald Sun?

In February 1987, The Herald was included in the sale of The Herald and Weekly Times to News Limited. The Herald ceased publication on 5 October 1990 and merged with sister morning newspaper The Sun News-Pictorial to form the Herald-Sun, which contained columns and features from both of its predecessors.

What is the Sunday Herald Sun called in Australia?

The Sunday edition is called the Sunday Herald Sun. Its counterparts in Sydney are The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph. In Brisbane, it is linked with The Courier-Mail and The Sunday Mail.

What is the daily circulation of the Herald Sun?

In 2017, the paper had a daily circulation of 350,000 from Monday to Friday. [2] The Herald Sun newspaper is the product of a merger in 1990 of two newspapers owned by The Herald and Weekly Times Limited: the morning tabloid paper The Sun News-Pictorial and the afternoon broadsheet paper The Herald.

When did the Melbourne Morning Herald become the Daily Advertiser?

On 1 January 1849, the Port Phillip Herald changed its name to The Melbourne Morning Herald and General Daily Advertiser. It also upped its printing schedule from thrice-weekly to daily. The Argus, which would not yet be a daily until 18 June 1849, scorned its rival's change of schedule with this report on 2 January 1849:

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