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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hotwire vehicles in Project Zomboid?

You will have to learn two essential skills before being able to hotwire vehicles, but once you get these skills, everything else is straightforward. Click the links below to jump to specific sections: Before you can hotwire cars or vehicles in Project Zomboid, you must have two crafting skills: Electrical Level 1 and Mechanics Level 2 .

Can you run a car without a key in Project Zomboid?

Fortunately, it's possible to get a car running without a key if players know how to hotwire. While any survivor in Project Zomboid can start the engine of a functional car if they've found its key, hotwiring is a little more difficult to accomplish.

What's new in Project Zomboid?

One of the most important updates for Project Zomboid was Build 39, which first introduced drivable vehicles. Project Zomboid takes place in Knox County, which is based heavily on the area around Louisville in northern Kentucky. With a huge map to explore, cars are an essential survival tool in the zombie apocalypse.

How to hotwire a car?

This menu is set to the V key by default. You can then select the hotwire option and attempt to hotwire the car. This won’t always work on the first try, but you can keep trying until you’re successful. After hotwiring the car, you should be able to drive off and start your road trip.

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