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Frequently Asked Questions

How to recover lost and deleted files in Windows 11?

Way 1: Undo deletion in Windows 11Way 2: Restore deleted files from Recycle BinWay 2: Restore your files from your previous backup fileWay 4: Restore previous versionsWay 5: Use MiniTool Power Data RecoveryWay 6: Use Microsoft’s Windows File Recovery Tool

How to recover Windows 11?

Open Settings.Click on System.Select the Recovery option.Click Reset PC.Select between the two options – Keep my files or Remove everything.Choose between Cloud download or Local reinstall to reset your Windows 11 computer.Click on change settings, if required and click on the Next option.Review the process and click Reset.

How do you recover deleted files from a PC?

To restore a deleted file from a previous version, you need to:Open My Computer.Navigate to the folder that previously contained the file or files you want to recover.Right-click and select Restore previous versions.Windows will display a list of previous versions of the files that were created with Windows backup or saved as restore points.More items...

How to access recently deleted files?

Double-click the Recycle Bin icon on your Desktop.Select the files you want to recover.Right-click any of the selected files and choose the Restore option.Alternatively, drag and drop the selected files to a location of your choice.

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