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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anything relieve diverticulitis pain?

You can try some of the effective home remedies to reduce pain caused by diverticulitis. You may apply heating pad to the abdomen to reduce mild pain and cramps. Also try relaxations techniques like slow, deep breathing or meditation, which can help to relieve mild pain.

What are foods to eat and not to eat with diverticulitis?

In the past, doctors recommended that people with diverticulitis avoid eating nuts, popcorn, and most seeds. It was thought that the tiny particles from these foods might get lodged in the pouches and lead to an infection.

What can you not eat with diverticulitis?

When it comes to diverticulitis, foods to avoid include corn, popcorn, nuts, sesame seeds, etc. 2. Grain Products When it comes to grains, you may want to completely refrain. There are residues from the grain that could irritate the stomach.

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