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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to change your gamertag in Minecraft?

Please note: You can change your gamertag for free one time only. The second time Microsoft needs you to pay for $9.99. You can avoid this by crate a new account. Show more

How do you change your gamertag in Minecraft?

Minecraft players with a Gamertag will, unfortunately, need to go through a different process to change their username – and it most likely won't be free. Here's how it works: In order to change your Gamertag, navigate to the official Xbox website. Log in and load your profile. Navigate to the Change Gamertag page.

What's the difference between a gamertag and a Minecraft username?

Gamertags are used for Microsoft accounts only. If you view your Microsoft account online, you will see your Gamertag as your account name, not Minecraft Username. Any purchase information and account settings tied to your Microsoft account will display your Gamertag.

What is the default Gamertag for a Minecraft account?

Minecraft for Windows, Consoles, Mobile Devices and Java Edition accounts (specifically Java accounts purchased after Dec 1st, 2020) require that you create an Xbox/ Microsoft account to login. This creates a default Gamertag for the account. The Gamertag is the name you will see in game.

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