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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get rid of brambles?

As stated earlier, as perennials, brambles are always likely to regrow. So getting rid of them must also include mechanisms or techniques of preventing the plant from growing again. Though removing the brambles require some effort especially if it has become established in your garden, it can be done.

What are brambles?

What are Brambles? Brambles, commonly known as a blackberry bush, is a perennial bush that grows throughout the country. It’s recognisable for its long, thorny shoots and for producing succulent blackberries, and while these tasty fruits make a great pie or jam, the bramble plant itself is considered a nuisance in most gardens.

Are brambles garden pests?

Unfortunately, they are garden pests because they grow very large and can quickly overtake large areas. If you want to control brambles on your property, start by cutting the vines down 6 inches (15 cm) above the soil level. Then apply weed killer to the plant. After the plant dies, dig out all the roots to prevent it from growing back.

How do you grow a bramble?

Take a heavy rake and make a pile of all the bramble pieces. Then scoop them into a garbage pail or similar container. Make sure to pick up all the debris. Especially look for any berries that fell off the plant and onto the soil. The berries contain the plant seeds, so a new bramble may start growing if there are berries in the soil. [3]

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