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Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert 30 fps to 60 fps?

How to convert 30fps to 60fps? As you can see, with HD Video Converter Factory Pro - the most efficient and powerful 60fps converter you can increase any video frame rate to 60fps, such as convert video from 29.9 fps to 60fps, from 24 fps to 60 fps, etc.

How to convert video to 4K 60fps?

Click the Parameter settings button and go to the Frame Rate and choose 60fps. You can also customize frame rate as 120fps to convert video to 120fps. Tips: You can also change video resolution to convert video to 4K 60fps, convert bit rate, adjust aspect ratio, and increase volume in the Parameter Settings Window. Step 4. Finish the process

How to use smooth 60fps converter?

Step 1. Add files to the 60fps converter Open the smooth 60fps converter on your PC desktop and select “Converter” on the main interface. Click “Add Files” to import your videos or directly drag the files to the interface. (Click the inverted triangle button at the bottom to define the output path.) Step 2. Choose an output format

What is the effect of converting a 10fps video?

If the source video was shot at 10 fps, converting it to 60 fps will only make the file size larger (because it is generating 6 frames for every one in the original video), but the motion will still look like 10 fps video. You will note the same effect in photos.

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