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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good score for ataxia in one limb?

Also, it says to score 1 if ataxia is present in 1 limb and 2 if it is present it 2 limbs. What if there appears to be ataxia in both arms and both legs? Or 3/4 limbs? Or is it a 1 if there is only ataxia present in 1 or both arms OR 1 or both legs? Specializes in ICU,ANTICOAG,ACUTE STROKE,EDU,RESEARCH. Has 26 years experience. 429 Posts

How do you test for limb ataxia NIHSS?

NIHSS: Limb Ataxia. Ataxia is absent in the patient who cannot understand or is paralyzed. Only in the case of amputation or joint fusion, the examiner should record the score as untestable (UN), and clearly write the explanation for this choice. In case of blindness, test by having the patient touch nose from extended arm position.

How is ataxia scored in a visual defect test?

In case of visual defect, ensure testing is done in intact visual field. The finger- nose-finger and heel-shin tests are performed on both sides, and ataxia is scored only if present out of proportion to weakness. Ataxia is absent in the patient who cannot under- stand or is paralyzed.

Which side to test for ataxia after a stroke?

If so, then you should only be testing the side affected by this stroke. That's why for ataxia, it only gives you the option of 0 (no ataxia) 1 (ataxia in upper or lower limb) or 2 (ataxia in both limbs).

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