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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ICAO stand for?

What does ICAO stand for? ICAO stands for the International Civil Aviation Organization - a United Nations organization that recommends and helps establish air traffic standards for 193 countries (although they can only act with the permission of the host country, regulation is performed by the local authorties).

What does ICAO means in healthcare?

ICAO coordinates global efforts to ensure that all Contracting States have a preparedness plan to mitigate the risks from a communicable disease with the potential to cause a public health emergency, by reducing the risk of dissemination of disease through air transport. TOP ​

What is the function of ICAO?

Ensure fair opportunity to operate international airlinesPromote flight safetyMinimize expenses and penalties

What is the job of the ICAO?

ICAO is the specialized UN agency responsible for promoting the safe and orderly development of world civil aviation, through the establishment of standards and rules related to safety, efficiency and flight regularity as well as to environmental protection.

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