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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "imaging" mean?

So, in basic terms, imaging is how well a headphone or speaker can sound to the real things thats' being played live or spread out on a real stage. fabio-fi, jackwess and formula1 are all the same person. Imaging - The sense that a voice or instrument is in a particular place in the room.

What is sometimes used in diagnostic imaging?

X-rays are among the most commonly used and well-known diagnostic imaging tests. Doctors use them to view the inside of the body. X-ray equipment generates a high-energy beam that dense tissue and bones can’t absorb, but that passes through other areas of the body.

What is imaging the world?

Imaging the World works to improve people’s lives by increasing access to modern medical imaging technology in the most rural and resource-limited areas of the world. Images are securely captured, de-identified, compressed and transmitted digitally via the internet for remote review.

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