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Frequently Asked Questions

How does incarceration infect a community?

How does incarceration affect the community? High incarceration rates may also have detri- mental effects on communities due to factors such as a loss of working-age adults in the community, increased exposure to infectious diseases, and shifting public resources from health and social supports to the penal system.

What does the name incarceration mean?

Incarceration refers to instances where a person is denied the normal liberty of movement. Although this term could technically refer to any instance where a person is detained in a place, it generally refers to detention by enforcement authorities, such as police or military. That a person is incarcerated does not necessarily mean that he is ...

What is the purpose of incarceration?

the purpose of incarceration influence the mission and vision positively by achieving the mission of an institution by educating prisoners on how to strive to meet ones needs and become important members to the society, staying free from crimes and being reliable members of the community and the vision is achieved by ensuring that the community …

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