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Frequently Asked Questions

Should the Indianapolis Colts trade for a cornerback?

The Indianapolis Colts have already made the majority of the moves this offseason leading into training camp, but Bleacher Report is suggesting they make a trade for a cornerback.

What happened to the Indianapolis Colts?

The Indianapolis Colts fell short of expectations this season, as they finished with a 4-12-1 record and missed the NFL playoffs. It led to the firing of head coach Frank Reich, who was replaced by Jeff Saturday, a man who had only coached at the high school level in the past.

Will the Indianapolis Colts play quarterback in the NFL Draft?

The Indianapolis Colts are continuing to be linked with quarterbacks in the NFL Draft, free agent quarterbacks, possible traded quarterbacks, and players who might one day consider playing quarterback.

Will the Indianapolis Colts bring back Jeff Saturday as head coach?

Eight second interviews are believed to have taken place or soon will, with other candidates mentioned as prospective finalists for the Colts head-coaching position. Despite what fans may prefer, there is a very good chance the Indianapolis Colts bring Jeff Saturday back to be the head coach in 2023..

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