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Frequently Asked Questions

Should the Indianapolis Colts trade for a cornerback?

The Indianapolis Colts have already made the majority of the moves this offseason leading into training camp, but Bleacher Report is suggesting they make a trade for a cornerback.

Are the Indianapolis Colts in a rush to hire a new coach?

The Indianapolis Colts don't appear to be in a rush toward hiring a new head coach, and it sounds like there's uncertainty as to who will eventually land the position. According to The Athletic's Zak Keefer, there's no indication that a decision has been made is imminent despite the team's expansive search.

Could Zach Pascal come back to haunt the Indianapolis Colts?

Bleacher Report (B/R) put together a list together of one move each team in the NFL could regret making ... or not making in the case of the Indianapolis Colts. B/R thinks not extending wide receiver Zach Pascal could come back and haunt the Colts in the near future, but it feels like they were reaching a little on this one.

What would a post-June 1 move mean for the Indianapolis Colts?

A post-June 1 move would bring even bigger savings ($10.1 million) while spreading the dead money equally ($2.3 million each year) across 2023 and 2024. A separation one way or the other wouldn't be surprising given both Kelly's contract and the performance of Indianapolis' offensive line.

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