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Frequently Asked Questions

How do indigo buntings build their nests?

The female Indigo Bunting builds the nest alone—a process that takes up to 8 days early in the season and as little as 2 days later in the summer. She locates the nest in a crotch or fork where branches meet, amid a supporting network of vertical and diagonal twigs.

Do indigo buntings sing for a mate?

Indigo bunting male sings for a mate. Indigo bunting couples will nest in a medium-large size, thick shrub or young trees up to 3′ up. The nest itself is cup-shaped and built by the female from the tightly woven dried plant material and wrapped with spider web.

What do indigo buntings eat?

Indigo Bunting Life History 1 Habitat. Indigo Buntings breed in brushy and weedy areas. ... 2 Food. Indigo Buntings eat small seeds, berries, buds, and insects. ... 3 Nesting. Indigo Buntings nest in fields and on the edges of woods, roadsides, and railroad rights-of-way. ... 4 Behavior. ... 5 Conservation. ... 6 Backyard Tips. ... 7 Credits. ...

When do indigo buntings fledge?

The young indigo buntings are fed by their parents until they fledge at around eight to 14 days, and for a short time after when they remain in their mother’s care. Are young indigo buntings fed by their mother or their father?

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