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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alinta Energy homedeal?

With Alinta Energy HomeDeal plan, customers in Victoria can get Alinta gas and electricity at generously discounted rates. Alinta Sports Pack Energy plan gives customers a year of Kayo Basic for free on top of the discounted energy rates. (*discounts included)

Which is better Alinta or simply energy?

While Alinta is big in QLD, Simply Energy is a fan favourite in South Australia where it’s the third largest residential electricity provider behind AGL and Origin. A retailer known for its exclusive offers to customers who are members of certain clubs, Simply Energy offers variable rates, no exit fees and guaranteed discounts.

How much can you save with Alinta Energy in Victoria?

Everyone in Victoria knows about the big discounts on offer in Victoria, and Alinta Energy is more than up to the challenge. Those in Melbourne switching to Origin Max Saver plan from Alinta Energy’s Home Deal, could save nearly $42 a year. Looking for some relief from South Australia’s punishing power prices?

Is Alinta a good company?

At the Customer Service Council’s 12th annual awards, Alinta took home gold for a Medium Enterprise or Division of Business. A couple of years later they picked up the Reader’s Digest Quality Service Award for a Gas or Electricity Provider. Alinta also has a bunch of different ways for you to pay your bill.

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