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Frequently Asked Questions

What does JRJR stand for?

JR, J. R. or Jr. may refer to: JR Chandler, aka Adam Chandler Jr, a television character from All My Children Japan Railways Group or the JR Group, the main operators of the Japanese railway network Jim Ross (born 1952), professional wrestling commentator

What happened to JRJR?

JR subsequently signed an endorsement deal with Renault SA. In 2009, JR released his second studio album, Colourfull. His second single from the album, "Show Dem" featured rapper HHP and comedian Joey Rasdien, and was number 1 spot on several national radio stations.

What does JRJR do for a living?

JR is well known for his works with a humanistic approach that portray social realities. In November 2019, JR worked with a group of prisoners in a maximum-security prison in Tehachapi (California) and created a piece on the ground of a large courtyard of that institution.

Is JRJR a street artist?

JR considers himself as "neither a street artist nor a photographer". To carry out his projects, he uses photography but also video, prints on paper or tarpaulins, urban spaces, books and especially social links.

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