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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a kangaroo a good pet?

Kangaroos are wild animals. Thus, they do not make good pets if you plan on keeping them around. If your home isn’t styled like their natural habitat, you’re bound to experience some challenges with rearing them. It is also important to note that Kangaroos don’t play nicely with other domestic pets.

Would a kangaroo attack a human?

The answer is yes. Kangaroos are capable of attacking you for even the most stupid reason. That can be harmful to the victim or animal that meets one of them. The person attacked will even be confused by such an act of aggressiveness towards him.

What is the personality of a kangaroo?

KANGAROO: Action, Variety, Fun Kangaroos are usually playful, friendly and active, and thrive on movement and variety. They do have a tendency to ‘Leap before they look’ which sometimes get them into trouble, both at school and at work, but can also make them fun to be around. They frequently become bored or disinterested in ]

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