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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the KJV the "best" Bible?

Thus there is good reason to believe that the King James Version is still the most accurate and reliable translation we have. In view of the other considerations noted above, there is certainly as yet no good reason to replace it with some ephemeral modern translation. More reasons why the KJV is superior to all modern English translations

Is the KJV the correct version of the Bible?

The most accurate English Bible version. Only the King James Version (KJV) is the most accurate English Bible version and true word of God which is not altered by men through their worldly knowledge and wisdom or to fit into their doctrines. Walk through the journey of Bible translation to understand Bible writing and translation.

Is the KJV the only reliable translation?

Is the King James Bible the Most Reliable Translation? 1. God has used the KJV in powerful ways over the years. It was the only English translation from 1611 until 1901. We praise God for this! “The King James Version (called the Authorized Version in the UK) was first published exactly 400 years ago, in 1611.

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