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Frequently Asked Questions

What is qumypets KSL Classifieds?

Dog Shoes. Qumypets KSL Classifieds prides itself on offering the premier local online classifieds service for your community. As with any classifieds service you should make every effort to verify the legitimacy of all offers, from both buyers and sellers.

What is KSL Classifieds doing to improve its pet section?

South Salt Lake Animal Services control officer Zach Allen pets a dog at the shelter on April 5. The KSL Classifieds team is making efforts to improve its pet section with changes designed to better protect future furry friends through initiatives that will crack down on irresponsible breeders and sellers. (Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News)

Does KSL Classifieds model encourage backyard breeding?

"The traditional KSL Classifieds model encouraged backyard breeding and allowed puppy runners (individuals who import puppy mills dogs from other states to sell for profit in Utah) to operate unabated," said Guinnevere Shuster, associate director of marketing and communications for the Utah Humane Society.

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