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Frequently Asked Questions

What does substantially complete mean in construction?

Substantially Complete means the state in progress of Work when Work or designated portion thereof is sufficiently complete in accordance with Contract requirements so County can occupy or utilize the Work for its intended use. Only incidental corrective Work, and any final cleaning beyond that needed for the County ’s full use, may remain.

What is the difference between partial use and substantial completion?

Partial use or occupancy shall not necessarily result in the project being deemed substantially complete and shall not be evidence of substantial completion. The term "substantial completion" shall be construed to mean the date upon which the owner of the structure, project, or facility first entered upon the occupancy or commenced the use thereof.

Can a construction contract be enforced past substantial completion?

These typically cannot be enforced past substantial completion. Additionally, reaching substantial completion also alleviates the contractor from liability for material breaches of the contract. If the contractor performed sufficiently enough to reach this point, they could avoid a claim of material breach of contract.

What determines the date of substantial completion of a building?

Certificate of occupancy: Sometimes, the contractor and owner agree that the date of substantial completion is determined when the city or county issues the certificate of occupancy. A certificate of occupancy states what the owner will use the structure for and proves that the structure complies with all building codes.

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