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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basics of life insurance?

Life insurance provides a lump sum or ongoing payment to an individual or their family in the event of death, illness, injury or permanent disability. This payment can help people to maintain their existing lifestyle by helping to cover current and future living expenses, replace income or pay off big expenses, such as a mortgage.

Do you really need life insurance?

“In general, life insurance is most necessary when you have dependents who would be impacted financially by your death,” says Lorne Marr, the founder of LSM Insurance, an insurance brokerage in Markham, Ont. “Typically, life insurance is used as a way to pay off a large debt, such as a mortgage on a home that you want to leave to your heirs.”

What is the meaning of life for Dummies?

The meaning of life is a valuable lesson with a purpose, and a journey with a certain destination. The philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas wrote that our existence is important and has a purpose, despite how we feel about it.(B) Furthermore, Aquinas also believed that one’s future was up to destiny, and his views are supported by both real world situations and literature.

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