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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the current process in Linux kernel?

The thread_info structure’s “0th” offset holds a pointer to the ‘task_struct’. Thus kernel can easily retrieve the currently running process (line 3) from the CPU. The “current” variable in kernel code refers to this task_struct.

How do I find the task_struct of a task in Linux?

Basically, the task's task_struct and a task's kernel stack occupy an 8KB block that is 8KB aligned, with the task_struct at the beginning and the stack growing from the end downwards. So you can find the task_struct by clearing the bottom 13 bits of the stack pointer value.

What is the difference between current current and files in Task_Struct?

Current is a global variable of type struct task_struct. You can find it's definition at [1]. Files is a struct files_struct and it contains information of the files used by the current process.

Can Linux kernel run multiple processes at the same time?

Linux kernel is multitheaded, many processes executing simultaneously. By the time you receive the PID for the current process, it would likely no longer be the 'current' process. Non-preemptible kernels may run one process to completion, but not usually. You can set the nice level for each process.

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