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Frequently Asked Questions

What is callrail's reporting?

CallRail’s reporting helps you understand campaign and keyword performance as well as peak call times and opportunities to tweak your talk tracks. Learn more CallRail is the leader in Call Tracking, with over 1500+ 5-star reviews Check out the features that power up Call Tracking Check out the features that power up Call Tracking

How do I See which plan my callrail account is using?

If you're an administrator on your CallRail account, you can use these instructions to see which plan your account is currently using. Click the Account icon in the top left to open the My Account panel, then click Account Settings. Choose Billing from the Manageheader on the left.

How does callrail work?

CallRail’s built-in conversation intelligence analyzes each call for spoken keywords, generates transcripts, and qualifies leads so your team can focus on winning the sale. Learn more The easiest way to unearth hidden call metrics The easiest way to unearth hidden call metrics Understand a lead’s journey before the call

Does callrail offer international call tracking?

CallRail offers call tracking services in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom. You can learn more about international call tracking in these support articles: International Call Tracking. International Number Types. What applications does CallRail integrate with?

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