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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best vertical stands for MacBook Pro?

Some MacBook Pro vertical stands block the airflow, leading to high temperature and buggy performance. Rain Design’s mTower also offers space at the bottom to keep your phone and other accessories secure. 4. Twelve South BookArk for MacBook Pro Twelve South is yet another uniquely designed vertical stand on the list.

Can a laptop stand work with a MacBook Pro?

If a laptop gets too hot, its performance is likely to suffer. A laptop stand also works nicely with a MacBook docking station, which can multiply the number of ports and slots available to you and allow for multiple larger displays. Some stands even have their own integrated USB-C hub, which is a very clever addition.

Are vertical laptop stands worth it?

. . . Vertical laptop stands perform a simple yet valuable function, and if you’re in the market for one, picking the best can be difficult.

What is the best vertical desk stand?

Find out more about how we test. Smooth, low-profile, modern, and wildly popular, the BookArc by Twelve South is a vertical stand that can reinvent your workspace and save you space on your desk. It's available in silver, birch, walnut, and espresso, so you can customize your desk to match your taste.

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