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Frequently Asked Questions

How many postcode areas are there in Wales?

The Wales of England is divided up into 7 different postcode areas. Each postcode area is divided up unto numerous smaller districts. You can download a vector based pdf map of each of the individual postcode areas of the Wales showing the areas and districts including labels by clicking on the links down the right hand side of this page.

What can I See on a postcode map?

You can zoom deep into these maps to see postcode districts, sectors and unit centroids with the full context of roads, buildings and other geographical features. Search UK addresses and visually see postcode density in relation to local authorities, constituencies, health and police areas, and much more.

What are dynamic postcode maps?

These maps are invaluable for working out sales territories, marketing and mail drops, freight, fulfilment and delivery zones. The dynamic postcode maps are available in our Dynamic Mapping Suite. A Premium Pass gives access to a unique set of interactive reference maps plus online tools for colouring and captioning postcode maps.

How do I plot all my customer postcodes?

Plot all your customer postcodes in seconds simply by pasting in your list See which postcodes fall within a specified radius of your locations Calculate service charge areas and delivery routes around London’s confusing Congestion Charging, ULEZ, LEZ and DVS zones

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