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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Melbourne Cup day?

The Melbourne Cup is held on the first Tuesday in November and is one of the most famous horse races in the world. The day is celebrated with a public holiday for the state of Victoria.

How much is the Melbourne Cup prize money?

Melbourne Cup 2021 Prize Money. The Melbourne Cup 2021 is the second richest race in Australia after The Everest. The prize fund has grown to over $8 million AUD alongside a trophy worth $150,000. The winning and placed horse now share in a prize fund that has doubled over the last 19 years.

What time does the Melbourne Cup run?

The simple answer is that the actual race the Melbourne Cup is run at 3pm AEDT every year on the first Tuesday of November, which in 2019 is 5 November.

How much is the Melbourne Cup worth?

The Melbourne Cup trophy is still worth a considerable amount of money on top of the already standing prize money. The cup is created out of 18-carat solid gold and is worth an astonishing $250,000. This is contrasted with the original physical ‘trophy’ of a gold watch from the first Melbourne Cup in 1861.

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