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Frequently Asked Questions

How many horses are in the 2022 Melbourne Cup field?

THAT’S BETR The Final Field for the 2022 Melbourne Cup has been released and we have 24 quality stayers set to line-up in this years edition of the race that stops a nation. We take a look at each of the 24 horses in the Melbourne Cup Field and we provide Video Form for each of them including the International horses in the field.

How much did gold trip pay when winning the 2022 Melbourne Cup?

Gold Trip paid $21 when winning the 2022 Melbourne Cup. Additionally, the horse paid $6.00 to place. What were the odds for the Melbourne Cup winner 2022? In 2022, the winner Gold Trip paid $21 to win and $6.00 to place. How do odds work for the Melbourne Cup?

How many runners are heading to post for the 2022 Melbourne Cup?

The race that ‘stops a nation is drawing quickly upon us and 23 runners are due to head to post for this 2022 Melbourne Cup.

Should you be betting on the Melbourne Cup?

For as long as horses have been racing, people have been betting on horse races. Having a punt at the races is not only fun; if you know how to beat the odds, it can be a lucrative pastime. The Melbourne Cup is the pinnacle of the horse racing season in Australia.

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